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Electrical maintenance van in Canberra

Residential Electrical Installations | Home Automation in Canberra

Kaz Electronics Pty Ltd Electrical Division incorporates commercial, domestic and industrial installations. Including fire and emergency, programmable logic control systems, safety test and tag, Australian Standards compliance, corporate and office fit outs.

Our Electricians are licenced in NSW and ACT and have a strong background in commercial, industrial and Residential electrical installations in Canberra. We work closely with many builders, performing complete fit outs and repairs. We cater for the domestic customer and can install or repair electrical fittings and equipment.

Programmable Logic Controls and Home Automation in Canberra are two areas of expertise our electricians excel in, we can design and build a system to suit your needs. We have access to all the major brands and are happy to discuss your requirements either to a new or an existing home. Please call us for an appointment and our friendly reception staff will arrange a booking with one of our electricians.

Home automation has evolved over the years to become an affordable and even essential part of the modern home.

The control of your home automation can be remotely from a smart phone or tablet, also located in the home by programmable touchscreens.

Home automation comes in many forms, lighting control for example. Adjust your lights luminance levels depending on the amount of natural sunlight coming into the room. Turn your lights on or off automatically in different areas of the house at certain times during the day or night.

In house music, play different music in different rooms of the house at the same time, adjust the volume, choose your songs either from your own music collection or stream straight from the Internet.

Heating or cooling can be programmed to come on before you come home at night, set to a predefined temperature or adjusted remotely.

Home security; merge your cameras into your television system or to your smart phone and tablet device via an internet connection.

The clever thing with home automation is the level of control you have, with an Internet connection you can control you house from anywhere in the world, check your security cameras after receiving a message from your alarm system.



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